Dear Stella,

Goodness, where do I even begin? You have come into our
family and fit perfectly into our lives. I will never forget
the day you were born. You were so tiny and had such a
tiny cry (squeal Daddy calls it) that you made us smile.
Your sisters couldn’t get into the hospital room fast
enough to meet you! The smiles on their face showed it all.
The doctor laid you on my chest and I thought you looked
a little like both of your sisters and your daddy. You
are small and petite like Hunter was; you have your sister
Alli’s lips; and your daddy’s nose. Not sure if you will
look like mommy at all, but that’s ok =)

Each day you and I have bonded so much. You know
when I walk into the room...maybe it’s because I’m
your bottle, ha ha! You love to lay on my chest and
squeeze my finger while you’re nursing. I even catch
you curling your tiny little toes when you’re eating.
Speaking of toes...I love how your 2nd toe is just as
big as your big toe...just like your daddy’s.

You love to lift your head to try to find your sisters.
They are often loud, and you love it! If it’s quite
in the house, then you wonder why!
Your biggest sister Hunter loves you hold you when
she gets home from school. She is very good at checking
on you to make sure you’re ok. Alli Jo read to you
the other day and you just stared at her in awe.
You love hearing their voices.
It has been 10 days, but some of the happiest 10 days
we’ve ever had. We thank our heavenly Father for you,
our little miracle baby. Mommy didn’t think I’d ever be
able to have a baby again, and then God gave us you.
"I prayed for this child, and the lord has granted me
what I asked of him." 1 Samuel 1:27

Love you for eternity,

Your mommy


Ashley said...

I am so happy that Stella is a part of your family! She is a miracle:)

The Gingerich Family said...

So, glad we were able to see you guys on Friday. Grace was in AWE of Stella when she saw her with Joe, she said she looked like Izabelle's little baby dolls, then asked when I was going to be pregnant. Another discussion for another time, I guess. Hope to get with you sometime this week and give you your gift.

Sonya said...

That is the sweetest picture. She is a little miracle:) So happy for you all.

Sandy said...

guh ok thanks for making me cry Leah! That was so sweet!!

Chelsa said...

sweet post :)
sweet baby :)
sweet momma :)

Brittany said...

She sounds perfect :) I am sure she will love growing up with 2 big sisters to look after her!

Ashlye said...

For heavens sakes, I thought you stopped updating your blog, then I checked my email! Your girls are absolutely gorgeous! Can't believe you've got 3!!! You guys did a good job:)