In less than 8 days......

We will meet our lil' angel =)
Doc said if I don't go by next week Wednesday, he will induce
me. I will be 39 weeks! He doesn't want to induce me too early
b/c of her lungs and doesn't want to wait too late b/c of her
weight (G.D.). In some ways I wish it would just happen, but in
other ways I know God is keeping her safe inside me as long as she
needs to be! I have no worries about the induction, b/c I had one
with Alli Jo and it went picture perfect!! He started my induction
at 8:30am and I had Alli at 11:30 =) Plus I had an epi!
So no pain and only 3 hrs of labor if you even want to call it labor
LOL And just 15 min or less of pushing! I pray it goes just as easy
with Stella!
And I also pray that she is still Stella and not a boy hahaha! Oh
the worries that go through your headtowards the end!
Everything at home is ready for Miss S to make her debut. I
think all I need to get is a boppy pillow. I completely forgot about
it =( I realize I can just use a normal pillow...but they're so
nice for nursing and sitting her up!
Joe has been an absolute angel himself to me! I honestly
could not ask God for a better husband for me! He has put
up with my crazy hormones for the 2nd time now and doesn't
complain a bit! He knows just to let me cool down and in the next
5 minutes I will be back to myself haha! He has really helped me
with all my complications this round. He doesn't have to be told
to help clean, which in itself is answered prayers!
It has been really hard to just sit in bed and look at all the things
that need done. But he comes home from a long days work and
keeps going. Gosh I love him!!
The girls are VERY ready for their lil sis to get here! Alli Jo
got to meet our dear friend Adalyn the other night and just
adored her! She was so stinkin tiny....made me really wish
Stella was in my arms =)
Alli Jo was really possesive of Adalyn and wanted to be
the only one to hold her.....so I can imagine that's what it will be
like with her sis. I'm not sure what the negatives will be yet.....
Alli Jo has mentioned already that she wants to be a baby again....
so I would assume there will be a tiny bit of jealousy..but that's normal.
Hunter is getting more excited as the days get closer. She is going
to be such a great helper!
Well until the next time..........


The Gingerich Family said...

Everytime I see you guys leave or see lights off, I am thinking "it's the big day" but then I see Joe's truck or see you leave then I think, nope not today. I can't wait to meet Baby Stella. Praying for a healthy delivery.

Sandy said...

I'm so excited, I got chills while reading your blog. If you don't have any luck finding a boppy, let me know, I have two that I'm no longer using :)

Chelsa said...

ohhh how exciting!!!! i can't believe she is almost here- it seems like you were just annoucning you were pregnant!

i am glad joe is being so good to you! ryan is the same way! it makes me feel so guilty though that he works all day and comes home and doens't stop b/c i need help w/ everything!!! i know pretty soon though we'll be back to normal!

Tera said...

Leah- I hope your next week goes smoothly and you enjoy every last minute of Baby Stella wiggling inside! I pray your L&D goes as smoothly as last time too!

Ashley said...

Wow...ONLY 3 hours of labor with Alli!!! That would be great if Stella would pop out that quick:) I haven't been on here for a couple days and checked out your blog right away to see if Stella was here. Enjoy your last days with little Stella inside you and I pray your labor and delivery go smoothly. Less than a week no matter what...Yay!!

Abby said...

Leah, so excited for you.. Pray all goes easily and quickly.. i was blessed with those types of deliveries, but sometimes wish it wouldn't have gone so fast so I could just keep them inside and feel them there forever...:) but they grow so fast.. sure you will have two BIG helpers at home.