Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Well one of my favorite days of the entire year came....
the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus.....

This year I felt like I wasn't ready at all, b/c I really
didn't get to shop for presents like I usually do. But
I finally just told myself to remember the true reason
behind this season and everything was going to be ok!
Here are a few pictures from Christmas time......

Baby and I are still resting as much as possible. I continue
to have contractions several times a day! This week I didn't get
checked by doc b/c he wasn't there and I saw the other on-call
doc. I did do my first NST of the week.....it was LONG! We
couldn't get a good steady heartbeat on the monitor so the nurse
had to just hold it on my belly....and press so that we could get
a reading. We concluded she must be really low and far away
from the surface of my belly =) Little sinker!
Last week on Christmas Eve, I did my NST at the hospital.
It was like I was admitted, b/c I had to answer tons of questions.
Gave me a dose of what it's going to be like again when she's on
her way!
Anyway....all is looking good. Bags are packed and we're just
waiting on our Angel to be healthy and ready to meet us!


Sandy said...

Such cutie pies! So glad you two are resting, soon enough my dear there will be no rest for the weary! :) I'm so happy for you and Joe!

Chelsa said...

cute pictures!! glad you guys had a good Christmas! Stella will be here before you know it!