Hunter's Christmas Program

Last week Hunter had her Christmas program. This was
for grades K-3rd. K-2nd did mostly singing, and the 3rd
grade had singing and speaking parts. It was really cute!
Hunter had 3 speaking parts...I was so proud of her!! She
did great! Silly mommy had just got a new point-n-shoot
and could not figure out the video --go figure! lol
So I didn't capture any video =( But here are a few pics!
Isn't she adorable!!

For my birthday/Christmas present...Joe let me
get a new point-n-shoot. It's the Canon PowerShot SX20.
I must say my favorite point-n-shoot thus far!
It has a 20x wide-angle zoom & 12.1-megapixels!
Plus you can shoot stunning HD movies (if I ever figure it out).
Thank you hunny =)


Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

fun! i just got cannon fx200 camcorder for xmas love it!!!

Ashley said...

Great present! I know you will get plenty of use from it! I wish we could have made it to the program b/c Jarod's little brother was in it. We didn't get the memo though:(

Chelsa said...

hunter really is a gorgeous girl!