A little behind on my posts, but better late than never, right? ha hA

Last Tuesday Alli Jo had her Thanksgiving program at
preschool. It was too darn cute! The girls were dressed as little
pilgrims and the boys were Indians =) They all sang Thanksgiving
songs, followed bytheir preschool prayer and then sat down
with family to have "Thanksgiving Dinner".
It was so much fun!! I had to hold back tears
b/c my baby isn't so much a baby anymore =(
She was so grown up singing all the words she knew!
We had a few bloopers as she was
picking her nose...ha ha! She was right in the front too LOL
But you can't blame her, her nose was so dry from her sinus
drainage. Needless to say she wasn't the only one =)
Thursday we had a great Thanksgiving! I did pretty good on my
eating...I was a little worried. But we planned ahead on foods that
I could eat so I just ate a lot of that =)
We went to my mom's to eat lunch and spent the afternoon playing
board games with my mom, step-dad, sister, BIL, and the kiddos.
That evening we went to Joe's g-mas house and visited with his
family. Good times!

Friday morning, I sent Joe out to get what I wanted from the
Wal-mart ad. He did pretty good...he couldn't find one item
and they ended up not having anymore. Too bad I'm not preggo
every year =) I ended up going out with him later to do more
shopping and I think we're done! Woo hoo!! There are just a
couple more things I want to get. Friday evening we went and
picked out our Christmas tree!! We had fun...but of course we
couldn't all agree and guess who won.......me! lol But it's
beautiful and the girls love it now =)


The Gingerich Family said...

I saw Joe at WalMart on Friday, you could see he was on a mission. What a great guy you have:)

Ashley said...

Such a great hubby!! I wanted Jarod to go to e-ville with me...but hunting sounded much better to him. Go figure!! They have such great deals on black friday...I feel like I am earning money to shop. Well I kinda did at Target...free $10 gift card. woo hoo!!

Alli looks so cute...even if she was nose picking. haha

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

sometimes you gotta oick your nose!

Amy said...

You weren't the only one that was teary eyed. When Hayleigh walked out I had tears coming down. They grow up sooo fast. She loves playing with Alli Jo.

Chelsa said...

alli jo is the cutest little pilgrim!!!

glad you guys had a great thanksgiving!