238 Days pregnant

Today I am 238 Days pregnant (34 weeks).
I am still seeing Doc once a week, and get a NST
twice a week. Everything went great at my appt
Monday. I asked doc the odds of me getting a c-
section and he said very slim. I've already had a
8lb 6oz child (Alli) so he's not too worried. Next
Monday we will do another ultrasound to estimate
the size of Stella. And we will make plans for the
birth from there! Everyone is predicting I won't
make it past New Years....we shall see =)
I don't at all feel ready. I mean I'm ready to meet
her, just not yet =) Give me a few more weeks and
I know I will be ready! I have a LONG list of necessities
I just discovered we needed....so I need to get to the
store soon! I am a planner and it's driving me nuts!
Nothing major has changed with my body, except the
fact I can hardly get up and down anymore LOL
It's pretty comical if you ask me or even Joe!
Getting out of bed is sometimes a "team" effort! haha
I usually just ROLL!!
I have been having A LOT of Braxton hicks again.
They are so painful, it's hard to tell if they're real
at first. At work I timed them 5 minutes apart,
but then they stopped. So it has been interesting!
Well that's about all the new info for now. I will try to
keep up with my blogging..it's been crazy lately!


Chelsa said...

stupid contractions!! i agree- they aren't any fun. i had to get checked at my last appt w/ dr. R b/c of them. BOO!!

i can't believe you are getting so close!

Desiree' said...

ctxns aren't fun early but they are wonderful when ya need em :-) prolly be seein you soon on the floor, hope im workin so i can see that baby girl!

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

wow! you don't want to have lil stella TOO early! (Love that name) hang in there and enjoy the last few weeks of that lil girl inside your belly. leah's preg toward the end was so crazy that i can't remember doing that!