My birthday and celebrating our Savior's Birthday

Well another birthday has come and past!
I am now 27 years young =) haha I had a
blast on my birthday just spending it with family!
I couldn't be happier having such a great husband
and two amazing daughters that light up my world!
They are seriously what keep me going!! I cannot
wait for Stella to meet her amazing family =)
It was too funny when I told Alli Jo that it was my
birthday...she kept asking "Can I come?" She thought
it would be a BIG party like all of her friends have had!
She cracks me up!
We have begun decorating for an upcoming birthday...
our Savior Jesus!!!
We are so excited and cannot wait to honor our
Father! Alli Jo gets a double dose this year of parties
for Him! She gets to have a party at preschool where
they will have a cake and goodies all for Him! I think
it's awesome to be able to still do this in school...granted
it's a Catholic school...but still =)
I hope to be able to keep the true meaning of Christmas
in our family so that my girls will carry it on to theirs!
A little update on my pregnancy:
I am 33 1/2 weeks pregnant. I now am seeing Doc once
a week, and go in twice a week for a Fetal Non-Stress
Test (NST). So far Stella has been great and last week
the test went wonderful! I am managing the gest. diabetes
as best I can. The endocrinologist did increase my insulin
again last week, and the numbers seem to be droping
even more!
I am really nervous about the possibilty of a c section.
I plan to talk this over with Doc today at my weekly appt.
He has not mentioned anything at all that it's in our "plan"
but I was asked by the diabetes doc if there were any plans
to do so. So I know it's common with my condition, I would
just rather not have to =)
Oh and please keep my good friend Shaya & her little one
in your prayers...her lil Miss is going to be here soon =)


Chelsa said...

good to hear an update on you! you are going to be popping out miss stella before you know it! how long are you taking off of work? i know i will hate coming back when the time comes... :( i'm already dreading it and he isn't even here yet!!

i'm nervous about my c-section this time... brycen was natural birth and last time i was so sick i was completly knocked out so i don't remember anything... this time i should be awake and that's kind of freaking me out!!

Ashley said...

I know what you mean about having a c-section. If it was me I would rather not have one...but it isn't that easy. haha. I am such a weenie when it comes to medical procedures. I think I would rather have to go through labor pains than to get an epidural needle stuck in me. I know that probably sounds crazy.

I am glad everything is still going good for you and Stella and hopefully she won't get too big and you will be able to have her natural!!

Desiree' said...

After being through both (well not actually delivering vaginally) but hey i made it to complete...i am glad i am having a scheduled csection. i was very nervous when i first found out i was preg again, but it seems much easier...of course more pain and longer recovery, but i just can't imagine going through labor and all that pushing..yuck! lol..but i pray you have a safe delivery, what i am saying if need be a section, don't fret, you will be just fine :-) and shaya's baby girl is a angel!!!! :-) can't wait to meet stella!