3 days

Well the true count down has begun.....now that we know I
will be induced Wednesday!! So unless Stella decides that
she wants to pick her bday, January 13th is the day =)
I was really excited for doc to give me an induction date,
b/c it makes me feel a little more prepared. I can now plan
for the g-parents to keep an eye on the girls while Joe and I
get settled into the hospital. Just thinking about checking in
and getting all "hooked up" makes me nervous. I know I am
not as nervous thinking about it as I am when I'm actually
there! The final moments just knowing there's NO turning
back LOL

So many changes are about to happen, and I hope and pray
that I can still be the mother my girls need. I pray that I
can give my attention equally to all 3 of my children. I know
it's done with more children, but I pray with God guiding me
my girls will ALWAYS feel loved! As well as Joe =)
If you have a second...go to this link and guess what you
think baby Robinson's stats will be:

As most of you know we got a few inches of snow the other
day. Joe took the girls out to play in it, while I sat on a lawn
chair in the garage with my zoom lens and snapped away LOL

Here is a picture comparison from last year and this year:
And here are a few more pictures from this year


Chelsa said...

love the snow pics!
THREE DAYS wow!!! i am so excited for you! (and a tiny bit jealous) lol :)

can't wait to see her!

Ashley said...

I know you will be a GREAT momma with 3 kiddos!!! I would be a little nervous too just like you...but try to stay relaxed and let those nurses take good care of you:) Coming from a nurse;)

Wendi Schoffstall said...

Can't wait to 'meet' Miss Stella!!! I hope all goes quick and easy. Wish I could be there to photograph her!!!!

Abby said...

Oh Leah, you are on my mind tonight.. i can only imagine the anxiousness and excitement you are preparing for... will be praying for you in the morning, can't wait to meet your little angel!