Elvis, when do you sleep???

Oh Elvis, don't you ever sleep? You are constantly up to something!! This momma thought she knew it all (how to raise children)...but you are a step ahead of me every day!! The girls cannot wait to wake up and see where you're hiding ;)

You must have thought it was cold the day we had the
ice storm...here you are sipping hot chocolate!
You already know how to please the ladies!
What woman doesn't want to be in a hot tub
full of chocolate!!!

Took us ALL DAY LONG to find you up here....

Even longer when you were trying to

cool off in the freezer!

And who stole the cookie from the

cookie pile.......

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Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

So I had been wanting an elf on the shelf. So bad. Ilove that he is all vintage-y looking. Then you got one this year and made drool even more, but didn't want to order one. ha We were walking through Macys on Mon and Ayla spotted "Christopher Pop-in-kins" its the same deal... it says he is the "original" elf (but elvis is cuter!). We bought him bc I didn't want to kick myself for not. He's cute. I'll post about him soon hopefully.