Grady Michael Zink

Saturday we celebrated my nephew's 1st b-day!
Grady was born February 13, 2008. I had the
privilege of being there at his birth, and I feel
so grateful! Grady is also not only my nephew,
but he’s my God Child. Aaron, Grady's father is
Catholic, so they baptized Grady Catholic....and I
had the honor of being his God Mother. I look
forward to the many talks I will have with Grady,
telling him how much our Father loves & adores

Here are a few pictures from the party! As you
can see, Grady didn't like that everyone was
looking at him & singing.....so he started bawling!!
It didn't help that he had an ear infection & fever...
poor thing!!

My BFF Kelly made the cakes, so adorable!


Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

Poor lil man. We all know how kids get when they don't feel good! :( Looks like it was a success though. PS. Your house is looking good (the glimpes we can see!)

Alison Gish said...

That monkey cake is too cute!! Love the pics!