Calling all prayer warriors.......

My mom had a follow-up Dr. Appt today for her heart.
She had some test done last week, and she came back
today for the results & a follow-up. First of all,
she has an AMAZING cardiologist, Dr. Adam Dawkins.
He also happens to be my own current heart dr. I see
him for my tachycardia. I went to his dad, Phil before
he passed away.

For those of you who don't know, my mom had heart trouble
back around Thanksgiving (I think it was). They had to
rush her to the hospital b/c her heart beat was abnormal.
They did a catheter procedure and found out her heart is
beating with HALF the strength of a normal heart. She
was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, I believe.
Well, Dr. Dawkins said NOTHING has changed this entire
time! All the meds/rest she's done....and NOTHING!

So......he wants her to get a 2nd opinion on a treatment
he's thinking of doing on her. But he wants to send her
to his mentor/friend up at St. Vincent (I think)and make
sure she thinks the same thing would be best for my mom.
It's something to do with a Pacemaker device (not sure
the name) so that it will regulate the rate that her heart
beats. My mom's heart is beating irregular and if it
starts to be TOO irregular, she can be here one second and
gone the next!

So PLEASE keep her in your prayers!!! Please pray that
they find the right treatment for my mom! She has also
having trouble finding some meds that don't cause serious
side effect on her.

Until the next time.......


Aimee Zobel said...

I'm so sorry to hear that she didn't have good news. We'll all be thinking about her and praying for her. Getting a pacemaker put in is a huge and serious decision but it's amazing how they can keep the body going. There are people at the nursing home who have had their pacemakers for like 30 years!

The Gingerich Family said...

Continous prayers for you mom. Let us know if you NEED anything.


A Preemie Momma said...

Your Mom is in our prayers!

Lauren said...

I will be praying!

Abby said...

wow, i know dealing with the heart is such a serious thing.. my sister had a minor/kinda heart procedure done close to a year ago, and it' extremely scary.. we'll be praying for you and your family...

Jamie said...

Leah...It is so scary...when you hear "heart" you think the worse...I used to work in the cath lab and saw a lot of pacers put in...of course the procedure has risks...just like anything else...but I've never, ever, heard of anyone regretting the procedure...they feel 100% again...usually something they haven't felt in yrs...quality of life goes up ten fold! I think she will feel much better all around...and really, comparatively speaking, the procedure is pretty routine...People of all ages get it done.

Audrey said...

We're praying!

Anonymous said...

We will be praying for your mom! If you need anything, pls don't hesitate to let me know!!! Praying!

Sonya said...

We'll be praying!

Brenda said...

We are praying!!

Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

Oh man. We will def keep her, you, and your family in our prayers. I can't imagine having to think about all the stuff. But, I do know that St. Vincent is an excellant cardiac hospital- I would go there if needed anything!

Amy S said...

leah- praying for your mother- !!

Wasnt Dr P Dawkins soooo great- I use to run into him at the hospital- i dont know his son but assume he is just as great!! take care of your momma

Tara said...

Leah - we'll be praying for your mom! Mom's are such special people, especially to us girls - such a special connection.

Ashley said...

I will be praying for your mom. I hope the doctors come up with a decision soon...it's helps to have a second opinion. Pacemakers do make a big difference and I have seen many people get them and feel much better. Anything being done to the body is scary though!

Kayla said...

I will be praying for your mom!! She is such an amazing woman!!! Let me know if you or your family needs anything!! Love you!