Weekend over

Well another "fast" weekend came & went!
Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party to go to,
so the day seemed to go so quick! That night Joe and
I decided to have a "date night". The girls went to
his parent's house and played while Joe and I grabbed
some Mi Pueblo and saw the movie "Bride Wars". It was
a cute movie!

Sunday we cleaned the house all day long!! I put up
all my uppercase living words, and today I can hardly
move haha! This coming Saturday we're celebrating
my nephews 1st birthday at our house. We're having
40+ people there, and I'm really wanting to get our home
in order before the guests arrive!!! Which meant cleaning
and finishing some trim work on our main level!! UGH

Well until the next time.......


Brenda said...

Sounds like a productive weekend! I listened to NKOTB on my Ipod and we celebrated Matt's birthday, but it was pretty uneventful on our end. Enjoyed the weather outside...did you get to do any of that? I really want to see your house sometime! I bet it's gorgeous! I also just noticed you are praying for a healthy pregnancy for me! Thanks! I like that idea of listing prayers..I may have to copy that if you don't care!
Have a good week!

Leah Robinson said...

We did get to enjoy some of the weather! It was nice!!! You can come on by anytime! I'll have to have a little get together this spring and have you all out!

And of course I don't mind if you put your prayers on your blog; I kind of copied it myself :) Hee hee