Treadmill idea!

I got a treadmill back @ the beginning of winter.....and
I must admit (if you can't tell by looking at me) I haven't
got the chance to use it like I'd like to. But that is soon
going to change!!! I promise!

I was just reading one of my photog friend's blog, Kathy McCloy .
She had a post about a fellow blogger's
AWESOME IDEA CHECK IT OUT! Anyone that knows
me, knows that b/c of work & my photography I'm on the
computer several hours a day....this is so something I would do!


Jamie said...

that sounds great...but I am not coordinated enough to move my hands and my feet...and I usually cannot talk b/c I'm huffing and out of breath. We're thinking about buying one too.

Leah Robinson said...

Keep an eye on dickssportinggoods.com they have sales all the time...sometimes 50% off!

Aimee Zobel said...

That is such a good idea! I actually ended up selling my treadmill at a yard sale last summer b/c I never used it. And....I'm still anxiously awaiting virtual yardsale posts!

Ashley said...

That is actually kinda funny!! How many things can we do at ONE time?! I have an eliptical and get kinda bored sometimes and thought about getting a TV in the room where it is. That whole idea I seen might be a little to much for me.haha