Alli Jo

I'm dedicating this post to Miss Alli Jo. She's my youngest
and my baby :) She hasn't been feeling well so I thought I
would dedicate a blog to her.

Alli Jo is our little clown. I'm not sure how she comes up
with some of the stuff she does, but it definitely makes
our day! A recent story of something funny is this:
I was helping Alli get dressed in her room one day.
We had just got done watching American Idol...in which
she had danced and sang her heart out!

I was looking at her T.V. and said, "You know what Alli, I
bet you'll be on T.V. one day!". Without skipping a beat,
she looks at me, then points to the television and says,
"Oh mommy, I don't think I can fit in that tee bee"
(that's how she says tv, lol). I swear I just lost it! hahaha

I am so blessed to have two beautiful daughters! Besides
them both getting sinus infections and having small health
issues, they are generally healthy children. I thank God for
giving me my two precious angels!!

Here are a few pictures of my silly girl...........

She loves helping mommy!!

Of course she can do Wii Fit in high heels

She gets tired of mommy taking so many
pictures, lol

Loves to dance

Goofy girl


Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

HA. Alli Jo is my kind of girl :) Loves to dance and be silly. Plus, love the half a snow white costume. KIDS! Im so excited about having another lil girl. It just fits.

Brittany said...

So adorable!

A Preemie Momma said...

What a cute little neighbor I have!!

Amy S said...

AWE SHE IS A CUTIE!!! Kids are sooo special!

Shannon said...

Hi Leah! She is a cutie... both your girls are beautiful!

Sonya said...

She is soo adorable! Both your girls are cute. I love the high heels while cleaning! Too funny!

Ashley said...

She cracks me up!! The picture in the high heels is priceless.