He's always there for us......

Lately it seems as though Satan is attacking many
of my friends/family members. It’s hard sitting back
and just watching my loved ones suffer while I can do
nothing but pray for them. Whether it’s divorce, death,
or any other struggle, I feel as though there’s only so
much I can do and that’s hard!! I want to be the problem
solver! I see a problem and I want a quick fix, right

Well that’s just not how things work. Prayer is the best
thing I can do for my loved ones. God answers prayers,
and even though he sometimes doesn’t answer them the
way we WANT, he does answer them.

I struggle myself with understanding the common question,
“Why does God allow our loved ones to die?” Well, this is
The best thing I can come up with…….

Hunter or Alli Jo can fall down & hurt themselves while
they’re standing right next to me! That does NOT mean that
I allowed it to happen. They know my unconditional love for
them, and each knows that I am going to pick them up and I’ll
be with them until they heal. We cannot forget His same promise
for us; that He is there for us always!


Amy S said...

awe-thats true!! Did you receive your transfer? Home you like it!!

PS Put me on that prayer list - I feel like I have been under attack to! THANKS!!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the post Leah. I feel like Satan has attacked my family, but I know that his love and faithfulnes will prevail. Please say a prayer for my family.

Leah Robinson said...

Amy & Jamie, I am praying for you!!