5 years ago........

I met the love of my life, Joe! It was on Buggy Bowl
night, 2004. It seems like just yesterday, but then
again seems like forever ago!

I had just split with Hunter's dad about two months
before. I was a little down in the dumps so my best
friend Laura begged me to go out with her that night.
She told me it was DJ night at Red Bones (a local bar/
restaurant) and there'd be a lot of people there. So
we planned to go eat supper and then dance the night
away. Of course when we get there, Laura and her
husband are trying to find me a new man LOL And at
first I was a little scared, b/c there were no cute
guys in there (sorry boys).

Then, in walked Joe.
Laura and her hubby had known Joe for years, they
both looked at me and said PERFECT. I just grin thinking
back at that moment. He was so cute! I looked across
the bar and he was staring right back at me. Believe
it or not, I was so shy. I had to look away and I'm sure
I blushed. After what seemed like hours of just catching
one another staring at each other....he finally walked
over and they introduced us. We had a blast that night!
Dancing, talking, and getting to know each other. I
remember the funniest thing that night was Joe sneaking my
cell phone and putting his number in it! Too funny :)

And the rest is HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!

So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my soulmate of 5 years!!!!!!!!

I love you with all my heart! You complete me hahaha!!!!!


Alison Gish said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Amy S said...

AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I promise I will get that transfer in the mail ASAP!!! SORRY!!! ENJOY your special night!!! :)

Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

How sweet! :) Happy Anniversary!

Lauren said...

beautiful story.

Desiree' Knepp said...

how cute, its amazing how time flies!!! jeffrey and I are goin on 6 years in march and it doesn't seem real! best 6 years of my life! it was nice to see you and joe in church at providence, you guys considering our church??

Jamie said...

congratulations! Were you guys at church this sunday too??? if you are coming, look me up...I never find you...missed you at small grps sunday night

Susie said...

I love hearing how people met their "soul mates!"

Aimee Zobel said...

Happy Anniversary! Time goes by so fast. Can you believe that it has been almost five years since we were at the Swamp and I met Keith?

Ashlye said...

Happy Anniversary!

Wagoners' World said...

So cute:) Happy Anniversary!