Christmas Pictures

So I finally have put some pictures together.....it was tough!

Christmas @ The Eaton's

Christmas at Our House

Christmas at my mom's


Jamie said...

Leah...I seen in your resolutions that you wanted to find a church home...please come to Providence and give us a chance...Shawn and Greta are wonderful, young, parents, ordinary people...they are easy to relate to...and this church is in a major baby boom right now...very young group with a lot of kids! I'd love to have you this Sunday:) Also, please feel free to join us in our small groups...I'll give you details if you are interested...Matt and Jess are in ours too...

Leah Robinson said...

Thank you so much Jamie! We are thinking of coming this Sunday to watch Jess get baptized! So it will be great for us to ck it out! The girls are really looking to get back into a routine of going & having a church home! And we'd love to join a small group! I think that's just what we need :)

The Gingerich Family said...

Well Leah, you are in luck, the next small group is on Jan. 18th (I think that is the date) and it is at our house, so you won't have far to travel. Also, I really hope you guys can come Sunday, I will need all the support I can get. Talk to you later.


P.S. I am really glad you guys had a good Christmas, especially in the new house. Oh, I am still patiently waiting for a game night.Hehehe:)