Our visit to Providence

Well anyone that has talked to me recently or even
just read my blog, knows that Joe and I are looking
for a Church home for us & the girls. I had several
sweet ladies ask me to come to Providence, and since
our good friend Jess was getting baptized there this
past Sunday....what better reason then to attend!!
Joe and I both know several members there, but yet
I was a little nervous going.

When you attend a new church, at least with me....I
was a little worried. I was worried if people would
stare at us and wonder why we were there. I was
worried Alli Jo would be too loud and disrupt the
service. All sorts of thoughts were going through my

Shawn seems like such a great pastor and was so friendly
in introducing himself to us as we were leaving the church.
The sermon was great! There were 4 people that were
baptized & brought in as members of the church. It was
really neat to see that! The sermon Sunday was from
John 10:22-42 It was very encouraging! Telling us how
secure we can be as true believers in Christ!

Starting Monday morning, I received some very encouraging
calls, emails, texts, etc. about how happy they were to
see us at church. I was like WOW, how special that makes
us feel! So if you're reading my blog, thanks for thinking
of us and encouraging us to come back!

I'm sure we'll be back this next Sunday!

Till the next time.......


The Gingerich Family said...

I am glad that you guys were able to be there Sunday for this special time in my life. We are glad to call you guys (The Robinson Family) friends.


P.S. And we hope to see you guys next Sunday, too.

Abby said...

Leah, how exciting.. We love to have new young couples coming to our church.... We are youth sponsors right now, but you should try to go to our young adults/parents sunday school too.. We have truly been blessed to have all these couples in our lives and can truly call them all close friends... You are more than welcome!

Ashley said...

I absolutely love Providence!! Maybe that is why we chose that church.hehe. I am glad you liked going there sunday and felt welcomed. I wish you the best in finding a church to call home and will be praying for you!!

Jamie said...

Leah...I was thinking about you yesterday...I didn't see you guys Sunday...I was concerned that you decided to go somewhere else. Sorry I didn't get to talk to you. Bring the kids to AWANA tonight...they have a blast and the moms have some time to chat while kids are in class. Also, we have small grps sunday at Matt and Jess's...would love to have you. Please find me next sunday...I really wasn't snubbing you...just didn't cross your path:)

Chelsa said...

I totally know the nervous feeling... and then the accepted one too :) It's amazing and I'm still basking in the warmth of knowing people actually care and want us there!