And the winner is...........

A couple weeks or so ago I had a blog entitled "Getting to
know each other". I wanted you to leave comments of
something you love or something that bugs you. I said I'd
pick a winner and they'd receive a free Digital Photo Frame.
Well I got some great replies!! So great I just could not pick one
winner....so I put you all in a bowl and had Alli Jo pick the winner :)

And the winner is...............

amy.stamm...........I'll email you soon!!


So Christmas and New Years have come and gone.....they
seemed to have gone so fast this year. I have been sick
most of December and it has not been fun! I started shortly
after my b-day (Dec 3rd) with a sinus infection, after that
mono, and the flu......now I have bronchitis. Someone PLEASE
give me a break!!!!!!!!! UGH!!! I'm hoping and praying that
2009 is much better!!! I haven't posted my Christmas pics...
as you can imagine there are several! I will get them uploaded
Till the next time..........


Anonymous said...

Thanks Leah!!! I am SOOOOOO excited- I never win anything--what a surprise!! Thanks again! God Bless Amy Stamm

Jamie said...

you always think of such cool things to do on your blog!