American Idol

Well as most of you know the American Idol premier was
last night. We aren't die-hard fans, but we do enjoy
watching it as a family and making fun of the goofy
contestants! Matt & Jess came over with the girls and
we all watched it together. It was fun to have another
couple there to laugh with! Of course Joe and Matt acted
like they were sleeping, until the girl with the bikini
came on....then all of a sudden they were WIDE awake
ha ha!!

I will leave with a video of our own American Idol, Alli

Till the next time.........


Jamie said...

when is that on? I Know it always is a crazy schedule...I'd like to watch it again this yr.

Brittany said...

American Idol is the best. We too have a little AI addiction. It is currently DVRed for this evenings viewing. You have a pretty cute American Idol yourself. Too bad they don't lower the tryout age limit! Love that you have so many goals for 2009, and the fact that you have them listed to keep you focused!

Amy S said...

AWE- that was sooo cute! They amaze me how much they learn at such a young age! take care Amy
ps - not watching AL have 2 others going now (bachelor and biggest loser) 2 is enough :)

Brenda said...

We've been watching/DVR-ing Idol too! I keep falling asleep though before we finish them, but they are on DVR so I can go back. Seriously, what are some of them thinking?!? It's quite entertaining! We always watch at the beginning and then later when they are narrowed down a bit more. However, I think I'd have to tune in every night if there was a cutie like Alli on there!