Continual Prayers for Alli Jo

Well Alli had her b-day party on the 28th, and then the very next day we ALL came down with the flu! I could not even move it was horrible!! It was all kind of a chain reaction, I got it, Hunter got it, Joe had a small version of it, My mom got it, then poor Alli Jo vomitted right before night time! We all tried to take turns taking care of each other, it was horrible! Anyways most of us were ok w/in a day or so......but Alli Jo was still REALLY sick on Wednesday. I took her down to the dr & they admitted her to Jasper Hospital right away. She was severely dehydrated & still had the diarrhea (liquid like water). They kept her overnight to monitor everything & pushed some IV fluids.

The next day morning(Thurs) they took the IV out for a while to see if she would drink on her own. Later that evening she was still not drinking anything on her own, so the dr. said to hook the IV fluids back up & we would have to stay another night. I was so frustrated b/c I just wanted to go home & take care of her myself! I started crying & Joe told me to just go out of the hospital for a while & take a break! I went over to wal-mart & shopped for a little bit....got me some clothes then took a shower when I got back. I felt much better after that & got my 2nd wind.

I felt like Alli was drinking a little bit more, and was looking a lot better the next day (Friday). Since it was the 4th of July, her dr was on vacation so the dr. on call came to see her. He asked me if I thought she would do better at home if she had things she was used to...I said YES absolutely! So he said he thought so too....and let us go home!!!

As soon as we got home, Alli started drinking more! She was so happy to not have the IV in her arm as well! We still need some prayers though b/c her diapers are not very wet. I feel like she's drinking quite a bit, but I'm not really sure it's enough to keep her healthy! So please uplift her in your prayers! Thanks to everyone for the phone calls, texts, and all the wonderful prayers already!

Here are a couple of pics I took of Alli at the hospital. The 2nd one I couldn't believe I got a smile out of her, but I'll take what I can get lol!!

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Chelsa said...

hey! i hope alli is feeling better! Poor girl! Also, I was wondering how you made the header thing w/ all your pictures and cute things?? I'm so clueless about stuff like that.... hLEPP!!! lol! :)