Moving along....

Well the house is moving along really well!
They started putting up siding yesterday,
I'm so excited!! No more green wrap lol!!
The siding is called , Galcier Blue it's kind
of a blue-ish grey color. Today they are
putting in the rest of the exterior doors and
I think our columns should be in next Monday!!
I'm so ready to move in!! lol

Garage doors are in (yellow stuff is some wrap)

Close up of the siding

Steps going upstairs from main level

View of upstairs bathroom


Chelsa said...

yayy! it's coming right along! :)

Brittany said...

I will definately add you to my blog list as well. I ran into your blog awhile back when I was just learning how to "blog", and then hadn't seen it since. So glad you posted on mine. Your house looks great!! Love the siding color. Hunter looks identical to you! Your blog is very cute!

Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

OH man! How fun... and not so much. We are currently reconstructing a home also. You're doing way more than us, but its good to see someone going through that and that you're getting close to the end! I love the blue, very pretty! If you have any pointers please pass them on!

The Jeffers Clan said...

omg...it's beautiful. We almost went with that same siding..lol! However, we chose sable brown. Looks great...Maybe we'll get moved in around the same time.

Armes Family said...

Lookin good!!!!! I bet you can't wait to be done!!!! How exciting!!! BTW...I love your blog makeover!! LOL!!