90 days

Happy 1/4 birthday~3mos~90 days to our baby
girl Stella.
You are our little sunshine that makes each day better!
I cannot thank God enough for giving us this little
miracle baby! It was a year ago that Joe and I were
trying to have another little one, and at times there
was little hope it would ever happen =(

Remember my schedule:
April 20th - Femara (Twice/day)
April 21st - Femara (Twice/day)
April 22nd - Femara & Follistim 125 units
April 23rd - Femara & Follistim 125 units
April 24th -Femara & Follistim 125 units
April 25th -Follistim 125 units
April 26th - Follistim 125 units
April 27th -Follistim 125 units
April 28th - Follistim 125 units
April 29th - Follistim 125 units
April 30th - NOTHING
May 1st - HCG injection


I prayed every single day that God would bless

us again....and sure enough He did =)

It wasn't the easiest pregnancy, but I would do it all
over again, in a second! I gave myself 5 injections of insulin
a day, which is nothing compared to the reward
of a healthy baby!

Thank you Jesus for giving us Stella Alyse!


Shannon said...

Stella is adorable!! What a blessing she is. My husband and I struggled with Fertility for 7 months before conceiving our daughter and it definetly makes you appreciate them so much more knowing that them being here is a miracle!

Chelsa said...

i totally get ya! :) all babies are precious miracles, but when it's a struggle to get them here it just makes you appreciate it so much more!