A few new milestones have come this past week...
Stella has found her feet =) I wish I would have
got a picture b/c it's so darn cute! She will use her
pant leg to pull her leg up closer to her and then
grab her toes LOL
Here's a picture of her with her new toy from Mamaw
Nita....she loves to hold it with her feet and kick it.

She also recognizes faces, especially her big sisters!

Alli Jo cracks me up b/c she will wake up in the morning

and go running in to see Stella. She will get right in her

face and say, "Hi baby Stella!". And Stella will just laugh

and smile =) Then Alli Jo will then say, "Look mommy

she is doing what I'm doing!" with a big smile on her face!

I love these moments!

Hunter loves to carry Stella around. She didn't get to do

that at all with AJ, so she feels big!


Sandy said...

How precious!!!

Ashley said...

awww!! how sweet!

Chelsa said...

that is so sweet! i love watching b and c interact! corbin gives his best smiles to brycen and all it takes is the sound of his voice!