Editing Challenge

I'm linking up with Faith's Simplicity Blog today! The editing challenge was to edit a picture of her and precious son =) So sweet!

Here is the original Faith took
Here are my editing skilz =) Photos by Faith R, editing by me!
 I wasn't sure which one I liked better, what do you think? 

You can find faith's blog here


Faith said...

SO cute!! Love your desaturated one :)

Jen said...

love the black and white one!

and i just got caught up on your other posts...way to go on your training!! i have been so up and down the last few weeks and got injured so i haven't been as disciplined as i need to be. your posts have inspired me to get up bright and early tomorrow morning and start moving again!! see you at the half!

Carrie said...

Such a beautiful Black and white edit!