For the beginner runner

I know a lot of you like hearing about running, so I thought I'd post what has helped me to get started and actually STAY with it this time =) 

First of all I have an iPhone.  So I have all my iTunes on it and I created a playlist of up-temp songs to get me going....

This is the arm band I use (when you get it, it's common sense, but put the Velcro part on the outside of your arm or else you will get chaffing from the band like I did)


Speaking of chaffing...I've never got it before that I can remember until I started my long runs. You can get it ANYWHERE. You will notice new clothes sometimes do it...or just a lot of sweat from a hot day! They make: BODYGLIDE


On your iPhone or iPod touch you can download Nike+GPS app that is your own personal coach.  Here's where you can log in to nike plus, then you want to add the app Nike + GPS for $1.99


This is a site I did to create maps....I believe there's an app for your iPhone too!

Here is where I find upcoming races, I'm sure there are other sites out there also!

This is a store in Evansville that will fit you for running shoes

But you can find good deals online for the close-out shoes


And search for coupons/codes online before you check out! I think I got my 2nd pair for like $70, I bought my first for like $125 :( LOL

Hope that helps someone out there  =)

Here is my run from last night....oh it felt like about 100 degrees + which is actually cooler than it had been HA HA  But it was my first time running in the grass...I ran with (well behind) the BR cross country team =)
Distance: 3.08 mi


Ashlye said...

Thanks for the tips:) Ur so awesome!!

Ashley said...

Yeah, thanks for posting all those tips!!! I remember running in cross country thinking 3 miles was a lot and you run up to 8!!! You are doing so good Leah:)

Shannon said...

lots of good tips, Leah! i'm on the hunt for the right shoes, i did get fitted for some, but still having some shin/ankle trouble, i think my head likes the runs better than my body does!