Lily's New Do

Every eight weeks Lily Pie gets a new do! It is so funny
b/c everytime I go pick her up from Kendra's we don't
even recognize her LOL!! I really love how Kendra put
her bow on the side this time....it's just ADORABLE!!!

Lily is always on her best behavior @ Kendra's and on
the way back....she loves getting her hair did :)


Armes Family said...


Brittany said...

Dogs really become a part of the family don't they. Something I want to tell you now that my blog went private is i don't think your status updates on people's blog lists. It might just be that my blog is messed up, but ever since I went private my status hasn't updated on blog lists?? You might just tell people before you go private that their lists aren't going to reflect when you write a new post. Just a thought! I'm bummed about it.

Nita Rose said...

Leah I can't see all of your post?
Love Mom

Christy said...

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Kendra! She always keeps our boxer for us! We don't trust justs anyone either! Cure bow =)