He's coming home......

Joe is FINALLY coming home tonight!! I haven't
posted anything about it, but he's been on a
business trip for work since Sunday! So I have
been a single mommy for 5 days :( I really came
to appreciate how much Joe helps me when he's

We got to see him via web cam...it was fun
the girls thought it was hilarious b/c I let them
see their selves as well LOL!!

Alli Jo is definitely ready for daddy to be home!
She is a completely different girl w/out her daddy!

We did pretty well on not getting scared at night.
My mom & sister shared spending the night with us.
Except last night we were all by ourselves. I woke
up in the middle of the night b/c I was having a
nightmare about Jason from Friday the 13th, ha ha!
Don't ask me why...I have not watched one of those
movies in YEARS!!!! Just so happened that it IS
Friday the 13th today!!! CRAZY!! Anyway...I woke
up and I kept hearing someone turning on the water.
I have most of the "sounds" in the house down pat
now & I kept hearing like a pipe turning off...as
if someone where turning on & off the water. The
only thing I found while walking around the house
was Alli Jo left the sink handle slightly turned.
Once I turned it completely off I never heard the
noise again.....strange!!!

So needless to say...



Tara said...

It's funny, you never realize how much you miss someone until they are gone for a while! Knowing Joe, I bet he missed you and the girls just as much!

Brittany said...

Ooh Leah I probably would have been peeing my pants or calling 911! I am just the same as you with having family spend the night if Luke is gonna be gone. Even if Luke isn't going to be home until late, I can't fall asleep, and if I do, I have a baseball bat with in reach! hah! I sympathize with you so much that if you ever need someone to stay the night and your family isn't around, call me:) Oh but wait, we that might be a bad pair bc we would both be scared!!

Chelsa said...

when ryan is gone for a few days it really makes me appreciate him that much more when he gets home! :)

Ashley said...

I hate being home at night by myself. I am glad I have only had to probably one or two nights. I can't seem to sleep as well and it seems like I hear things. That is why I thought it was funny that you heard the water. I keep Khloe next to me...even though she is not exactly a guard dog. lol. Glad that your hubby is home now!!