Great Weekend

What an awesome weekend! I can't remember the last day I
had off work that we actually had NICE weather! Saturday I
woke up with a migraine....but surprisingly it went away pretty

For lunch I went to eat with my sister & her family at the
Gosthof....I could eat there every day (yummy). We got a
chance to get a few pictures after we ate......

Grady, Hunter, & Alli Jo


Beautiful Hunter

I think Alli Jo is praying mommy stops taking her picture LOL

So Sunday we went to wal-mart. It was a quite interesting
trip! I was looking for a desk for my office upstairs.....I
finally found something worth buying....and had Joe take it
up to the front, pay for it, & load it.

The girls & I were in the toys looking at the baby dolls. Joe
called my cell & said he needed the keys to unlock my truck.
So I said let's go girls....well Hunter started whining & saying
she wanted to change out baby dolls she picked out.....so I
rushed with Alli up to the front & gave Joe the keys & came
RIGHT BACK!! Well as you can guess Hunter was NOT there!!!
I started to freak out & pace the aisles franticly. She was
nowhere in site. I called Joe on the cell & said to come in right
away I can't find Hunter. So I started to walk the same path I
took to the front....still no Hunter. At first I was angry....then
the anger turned into worry! What is someone took her!!!!

So I thought I'll walk up to the front & have them page her. So
I was just about to the service desk & I saw three workers
standing there with her & she was bawling! I thanked them &
took my baby back! I firmly told her not to EVER do that again.
She said that she forgot what I told her & she was scared.

So lesson learned....never leave your kids in the toy section. UGH


Amy S said...

AWE--- thats scary for you and her!!

love the pic :)

Aimee Zobel said...

Lol, Bobby was telling me this story on Sunday in front of Hunter and she said, "Let's not talk about that right now!" It was so funny!

Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

Poor Hunter! I totally dig Alli's pic, too cute. But what stood out was poor Joe loading up the darn thing himself- on the box it says (Load team) and "they" are supposed to do that for yoU!

Leah Robinson said...

Court....LOL I'm pretty sure a guy worker helped him load it...I forgot to mention that. He did say it was really heavy tho!

Sonya said...

Oh, I'm sure that was sooo scary. The picture on top is really cute. I love it.

Lauren said...

Imagine this--That Girl used to get lost in the grocery once a week.

I was forging new trails!

Jamie said...

Scary...that is one of my biggest fears in life...having my kids taken from me...gives me a sick feeling..

Abbie Lynn said...

Poor Hunter!!!!! And mommy:) Just glad we didn't lose sweet little Hunter in Wal-Mart - I wouldn't know what to do without seeing her sweet smile at school everyday!! Love you guys - and thanks for the comment on my blog, it made me feel sooooooo much better!! I know now that someone else has gone thru the same thing and gotten thru it:)

The Gingerich Family said...

Just wanted to say that we had FUN on Friday, Thanks:) We need to start doing that more often. I am glad that you found Hunter. That is one of my biggest fears. I'm hoping she got the doll???

Susie said...

I hate that feeling of not knowing where they are! I've LOST ALL 3 of mine just here at home! All on different occasions. The girls had a really neat little book about being lost in the store..there was a phrase in the book that we turned into a song..

"If you're lost in the store what do you do?" Ask a Friendly store clerk and she'll help you. March to the cash register 1, 2, 3...and they help you find your family. If your lost in the store what do you do?"

Pretty hokey I know but they never forgot it. And sounds like Hunter figured that out too!

And as always LOVE your pictures!