I ask that if you have just a few minutes today, take some
time and pray for Andrea and her friends & family. I have
never met Andrea, but I have been praying for her for a while
now and I am so blessed to even know OF her! I know that I
have been getting several blog hits lately, so I PRAY that
if you're reading this right now, you will close your eyes
and uplift this sweet woman!!

Andrea has had not only more cancer develop but is also
fighting pneumonia. The cancer is spreading rapid and the drs
have informed Andrea as well as the family that they could no
longer treat this cancer and that either the cancer, the
pneumonia, or the combination of the two will take her life.

I have heard through email from her family & friends that she
IS still here on Earth, but the end (most likely today or
tomorrow) is very near for her. So if any of you would like to
send her one last thought or comment, prayer, anything- you can
do that on her carepage at www.carepages.com Patient name

Andrea is spending her last moment with her husband and their
precious little boy Ethan as well as other family members. A
friend told me today, it is very sad for the family, but how
glorious for her! She will be standing in the presence of the King!
No more pain, just glory! I can't even imagine.


Anonymous said...

Leah-I have also been following her story. We have been praying for their families. From what I've read/heard she is such an amazing strong woman. I don't know her personally, only thru a friend of a friend, but I think it's so caring of you to share this story. We will praying....

Jenelle said...

Leah, thank you so much for all your prayers and support.