Country Girl???

Somebody's daddy decided to dress her on Sunday, ha ha!
Can you guess who that was??? LOL

Not quite sure if she's going to be a country girl.....b/c it's
all about princesses & mermaids right now!!

Here is our 3rd child Lily getting spoiled by daddy
Isn't she cute!!


Aimee Zobel said...

Awww...you should put a little bow in Lilly's hair, right on that tuft that is darker than the rest. It would be so cute!

Leah Robinson said...

Acutally that's a little ponytail in her hair that once held a bow haha!! She always shakes it off! lol

Amy said...

Did Joe put the ponytails in Alli's hair? If so I am super impressed and he needs to come over and give Johnny some lessons. Hahahaha. Thats the only thing that Johnny refuses to do.

Amy S said...

Leah: AWE she is a cute- country girl....:)

Our dog is Lilly too! What kind is she???

Leah Robinson said...

No way, Joe did not put in her piggy tails LOL You don't even want to see her on the days he has control of her hair hahaha!!!

Amy S - She is half Yorkie & half Bichon

Abby said...

WE used to dress Lillie up like that.. she was our boy for a long time..