Mark 5:36

The verse for today.....
"Do not fear, only believe."
Mark 5:36

Most of you know that last night around 7pm, Andrea
went home to the Lord. Words cannot express how
much she has touched my life. I am sad for her friends
and family that can no longer see her beautiful face on
earth, but I am so happy that she is pain free and dancing
in heaven as I type this! I truly believe Andrea was
doing exactly as the verse above states....she did not fear,
she only believed!!

As Jenelle, one of her best friends said....I can only
imagine the greeting she got when she entered heaven's
gates! WOW!!! Gives me goose bumps just thinking
about it! Imagine Jesus standing there shaking his head
at Andrea and saying, "well done my child"!!!

I hope and pray that I can leave just half of the impact
that Andrea did! So many people have heard of her
story and have been inspired to live a better life! Thank
you God for giving us a piece of Andrea to have in our
hearts forever!!!

Andrea was a hero to so many, including myself. I hope
and pray that she will carry on in each of us! Listen
to the song playing "Hero" by Mariah Carey......it's an
old one, but when I hear it now I will think of Andrea!!


Ashlye said...

Very well said Leah! I haven't been able to stop thinking and praying for that family all day. I didn't know her, but she defintely inspired me. What a strong woman!

Amy S said...

DITTO to Ashlye! I too will now think of her when I hear this song! My heart hurts for her family! thanks for your great posts!!!!

Brittany said...

I like the way you put it! Andrea's story has touched so many lives.

Your header picture is to die for!! I'm a sucker for tutus!