My little Picasso's

So I forgot to mention a few more things we did Saturday
after we got home from our girl's day! At wal-mart we
bought a few blank canvas boards, so the girls could paint
them for their playroom decor! It was sooooo fun! They
couldn't believe mommy was letting them do it!

So if you're looking for a fun, inexpensive project, try it!

I put all the paint in paper cups so it would be too messy!


Joe also borrowed the neighbor's tractor to move some of
our dirt and fill in holes......Hunter got to ride along, it was


Susie said...

Great job girls on your paintings! I'm thinking the graber kids would love doing that too! And the Kubota tractor is right up Griffin's ally! Lots of fun going on at the Robinson household!

Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

great idea! so cool to see what they came up with!

Chelsa said...

great idea on the paint!!

Ashley said...

I seen something like that on John and Kate last night. Which I know you probably watched it. haha. They used a canvas, layered materials and used different techniques with materials...actually turned out good! Love your little girls pics!!

Leah Robinson said...

I did see it Ashley (imagine that) ha ha! It's what reminded me to post the girl's pictures :) Great minds think alike :) Hee hee

Abby said...

I let lillie do that, but just with poster boards when we redid her playroom.. her little hand prints are so small now!