Fun Weekend

Well like I always say...another weekend came & went!
We had a great time this weekend! The weather was so
nice...we had so much to do! Hunter and I have been having
some mom & daughter fights lately. I think it's kind of one of
those, who is in control things! UGH!!!!! Anyways....we needed
a day for just the two of us!!

Saturday we decided to do a little shopping & some pampering,
all-in-one day! So we started out at Kohls...got some great deals!
Then we went to Applebees and ate some YUMMY lunch...we
were so stuffed we could hardly move, ha ha! Then we went to
get some pedi's. Here are a couple pics of Hunter enjoying her
pampering (she is really having a good time...just bashful in front
of the Asian man) LOL

After we got our pedis we went to JoAnn's Craft store. Hunter
got some scrapbooking things to make a scrapbook of Lily our
puppy! Then we went to JC Penny's to look for an Easter dress
for Hunter. She is SOOOOOO picky!!! We finnally found one
that she said was "ok"! Then we headed home and stopped
by wal-mart on our way back to pick up some totes so that I
can get started sorting through things for the YARD SALE!

Yes I said it...I'm having a YARD SALE on April 4th...so mark
your calendars!!! I decided to go ahead and sell the girl's
clothes :( For those of you who know me, this is very hard for
me to do.....I'm not sure why but I have such an attachment to
what my girls wear! Looking back through their clothes, reminds
me of certain stages in their lives....and memories I don't want to
forget! Joe said it is time to sell them....I guess if we ever have
another child and it's a girl I'll have to just buy all new (oops) LOL
We also have a TON of things that we need to get rid of that we're
not bringing into the new home.....it is all in our basement right now
and I'm so ready to get rid of it ALL!! IT ALL MUST GO!!!

Sunday we decided to go to church at Antioch. We have been
members of Antioch and attended Antioch for over 3 years....but
last summer I had some personal issues I wanted to work on and
that's why we have not been back since. Well, we all had a GREAT
time! It was a great sermon! The girls both learned a lot at Sunday
school! Alli Jo said "Jesus loves Alli Jo", and Hunter said that "All
things are possible through God"! I am so proud of my girls!!! I am
still praying, and making sure WE as a family find our church home!

Well I guess I better get to work.......


Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

We are also in a search for the right church home. Its been tough. Hope it works out well. Keep the faith. Otw, I wanted to ask you if I could look at some of your baby clothes you're wanting to sell. Your girls always look cute! Id love to get in on this early hehe :)

Amy S said...

AWE- what a GREAT time the two of you had!!! I love pedicures--need one now think Ill go tonite!!! :)
Hope you find the right church!!!
Prayers~! amy

Abby said...

i'm gonna have a yard sale this summer too.. i know what you mean about hard to get rid of the kids clothes.. i think i'm finally READY, we'll see..

Jamie Sheffler said...

The "things" I get to look forward to as Ava grows older :) Glad you had a fun weekend.

Brittany said...

I'll be at your yard sale for sure! I went to ACC prior to getting married to Luke and loved it. Luke's family has always gone to Bethany so I started going with him when we got married and I love it too!! If you ever want to stop by Bethany Christian, we would love to have you:)

Shannon said...

We've moved around enough, that I know it is hard not having a place on Sundays that feels like home. I'll say a prayer for the right place for ya'll!

Chelsa said...

we went to kohl's on friday and got some great deals too!! ryan just told me the same thing about getting rid of B's clothes. we have way too many still and i've even give some away before. it's hard to part with things that remind you of them!! i'll be praying that you find the perfect fit for you guys as a family.