Pregnancy - Day 162

Today is day 162 of my pregnancy (23 wks, 1day).
Here's what I found online about
Stella this week:
Your baby is positively HUGE during pregnancy
at 23 weeks, a whopping 1.1 pound
(or almost at least!). That is quite an
accomplishment for someone that used to
weigh less than one ounce. Your baby at 23
weeks is now the size of a small baby doll you
might purchase for a little girl.
That's pretty impressive considering your baby
could fit in the palm of your hand just a few
short weeks ago. Your newborn baby is also
about 11 inches long by pregnancy week 23!
I have felt many of Stella's changes this week also.
**I am feeling a little less graceful 23 weeks pregnant as my
belly continues to expand!
**Stella's kicks are becoming stronger and stronger and
I'm hoping the girls and Joe will be able to feel them soon.
**My mood swings have been horrible this week...the
family is not sure if they should hide or seek me LOL
**Migraine this week..could be weather or hormones...not sure
**Went to the chiropractor...and feel 10x's better
**Braxton hicks contractions every other day or so
**Weight is starting to come on this week...I think the scale
at home says I've gained 2-3lbs.
All in all I'm enjoying this pregnancy and the miracle God
has given to me :) I can't wait till the day I get to see
Stella's beautiful face...if she will have brown eyes/brown hair
like mommy or blue eyes/blonde hair like daddy...or her own
combination like her sister Alli Jo :) However she looks I know
she will be beautiful like her sisters and look like an angel!
--On a side note...my Aunt Rosetta passed away this week.
If you can please keep my mom and our family in your prayer :)
Till the next time........


Chelsa said...

great update !! :)

Brandi said...

Mood swings have been TERRIBLE for me this time!! Is it #3 or what??!! My poor family!

Lindsay Lynch said...

Don't feel bad I have mood swings still and I had my last baby uhh.. a year ago. LOL!! Glad you are doing well. Sorry to hear about your aunt. Thinking of you and your family!!

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt.