New Ride

This week momma got a new ride ;)

2007 Nissan Quest

I figure with Stella on the way...it was time to expand.

I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this van! It has every

feature except GPS, which is fine b/c I already have a

portable GPS :)

The girls are lovin it too. Everytime we get in I must turn

on the DVD players LOL It cracks me up how in-tune they

are the watching the screens! So if you're lookin for a mini-van

I highly recommend the Quest!!!


Chelsa said...

it's very cute!

Tera said...

Just saw you in your new ride yesterday evening. :) Love the color.

Lindsay Lynch said...

I am digging your new wheels. Welcome to the club. LOL! Looks really nice.

Ashley said...

Love your new ride! What is there not to love about it...it is a Nissan. We love our nissan truck!!

Jamie said...

Looks nice. I'm sure it will be great w/ your new addition on the way!

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

Look at you Mama. In true form getting a van! I couldn't do it yet. I couldn't do it yet, but we recently upgraded our size to a new SUV