Tune in to News25 ABC - tonight!

I just got done getting interviewed by News25 ABC
out of E-ville about the baby monitor ordeal!
I had emailed them about the story so that they could
research it and get the story out. The lady called me
today and interviewed me at our house!!! So tune
in tonight to ABC news Evansville. 5&7 o'clock
news (6 & 8pm our time).


The Gingerich Family said...

Thanks for bringing awareness to this. I knew that with the frequencies of the monitors that we could hear or possibly see, but I thought that with the distance between houses you wouldn't be able to get anything. Totally not true.

Abby said...

that's awesome leah.. i'll have to stay tuned!!

Ashley said...

I wasn't able to watch it b/c I was working:( But I am glad that you brought that news to the local TV station. I know there are so many people that probably didn't have a clue.