Tiny Blessings: Leah Robinson Photography

Earlier this year I had come across a prayer request for a family
that was in the process of adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia.
The parents just so happened to graduate from the same high
school I did, and when you're from a small town you know
everyone! I was so excited to pray for them on their
upcoming journey! I followed her blog and it touched my
heart deeply! March 9, 2009 - was their "Gotcha Day" and
on March 13th Eli was home forever with his family!

Well a few weeks ago I got a call from Kristi asking if I'd
shoot some photos of little Eli with his big sister and big bro!
I was beyond excited and honored and of course said yes!
Last night couldn't have been better with lighting..we had a
perfect overcast sky!

Here are few sneak peeks for mom & dad :)

I just love me some baby feet...so had to

throw this one in :)


Tera said...

Oh my, Eli is BEAUTIFUL!! They all 3 are. Great pics!

Lauren said...

Kristi they are beautiful. Great job leah!!

The Fee Family said...

Great job Leah!!!

Amy S said...


soooo neat!!! Love the pics- the last one is sweet--(they all are)- TFS

Sandy said...

Adorable! Great job Leah! I agree...love me some baby feet too!

Anonymous said...

Oh maaannn, I better have Papaw put in another wall to hang every picture! Their sooo precious. Nana

Josh and Kristi said...

Thank you Leah! We love them!

Anonymous said...

Leah, awesome pictures, you def have an eye for photography ... also thank you so much for your prayers and posting us on your prayer list ... the prayers of the saint is what is getting us through this season of our lives ... blessings to you & thank you ... Nelda Lengacher

Ashley said...

Little Eli is soooo precious! :D So are the other little ones as well :)

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pics...I love the last one!

Jamie said...

What an awesome photo shoot! Eli's toes are the cutest little thing! Love those baby toes.