First Senior Session: Leah Robinson Photography

I have to admit Senior Portrait Sessions have been very
intimidating for me.....right up there with weddings LOL
But when you get a young man like Josh.....
who is so laid back....you can't go wrong!
Josh reminded me of Joe, 10 years ago ha ha!
A country boy with no worries...just having fun!
Josh did some tricks on his 4wheeler, and I just had
to thank God for giving us another girl....
b/c I think my heart was in my throat!!

Here's a little sneak peek:


Abby said...

great job LEAH!!! seniors are intimidating.. I did lots this summer and am afraid i'm gonna cut back on them next summer.. it's tough always finding new ways to pose them(some HAVE to be posed..) which i'm not really into! but they are great in the end.. just more time consuming... great shot though..:)

Brittany said...

Awesome! The 4-wheeler looks cool in the picture. A wedding would be WAY scarey. Too much pressure to get every shot.

Jennifer said...

Leah I just love your pictures! you are full of ideas! Great job!!!
missed you guys at church

Anonymous said...

Very nice shots. Captures his loves not doubt. Nice to look back on. Much better than my old posed Senior picture.

Chelsa said...

great pictures!
i had to laugh at you a little about your heart being in your throat and glad you are getting another girl! b has already gotten his first 4 wheeler this year and it makes me a nervous wreck!