Five Easy Steps to Wreck Your Life

One of my favorite bookmarks on my computer is
the site for LifeChurch.tv
If you have never been on the site...
bookmark it today!!
Recently they started a series of videos titled
Five Easy Steps to Wreck Your Life
Well I started watching it, and thought
this is a perfect series for Joe and I to watch
together!! Even if you're not married yet....still
great information!!
There are 5 different weeks, I think they've done 2 so far
so if you and your spouse can find about 30 minutes a week
to watch them....come on that's not that much time...
if I can do it you can do it :)
Nobody plans for it to happen, but life can get pretty messy.
Trouble with our relationships…harmful habits…
feeling far from God…we look back and wonder,
“How did I end up here?”
Starting down that path is easier than you might think,
unless you know what to look for. Join us for our next series,
5 Easy Steps to Wreck Your Life.

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