More sickness.....

Well sickness has struck our house again...YUCK!
Joe and I both feel like we're dying....I know we're babies :)
We both have sinus infections. I have a double ear infection as well
and bacterial infection they found in my urine, so I'm actually
on 3 prescriptions right now. UGH
Hunter woke up early Saturday throwing up. But only
threw up once, and was fine. But the rest of the
weekend had a really bad sore throat. So we took
her to dr yesterday and they think it will pass with
no meds! Alli Jo starting getting a runny nose, but has
seemed to surpass it for now :) She has been taking care
of mommy & daddy....runnig to get us kleenexes, etc. She
is such a good helper!
Baby Robinson is kicking a lot more these days! It is
such a calm feeling for momma b/c I know all is well :)
They're aren't really hard kicks....just enough to let me
know she's there!


The Gingerich Family said...

Sorry to hear that you all are sick. We missed you guys at Grace's party. Get better soon.

Sonya said...

Wow, that is a lot of sickness! Hope you ALL feel better soon:)

Chelsa said...

hope you all feel better soon!

Brittany said...

Poor family! I can't believe how many people are sick during this time of the year.

Brandi said...

boo to being sick when it's this beautiful outside! hope you feel better soon!

Ashley said...

I hate to hear that you guys are sick. Blah!I hope it passes fast!