How your day can change.........

I realize that working in customer service at any business, you're
going to get customers that just aren't happy no matter what! But
when a customer calls in and is being a complete JERK, it just
makes your day start out horrible!

I just want to ask that if you ever call into a company that you feel
has done you wrong, talk nicely!!!!!! I bet you will get what you
want more than if you start cussing at them like the gentleman this
morning! I can imagine after the disrespect he has given just about
everyone in my department, we will be pulling his internet
equipment! We own the equipment and have every right to pull it!
So sorry buddy, but you might want to get some class!!!!!!!

Another thing that makes it even worse is when a customer calls in
here, and I'm talking to someone I know.....They might not even
know it's me that they're talking to.....but they continue to gripe you
out. I've had this happen on several occations. One thing that is even
worse, is when it's fellow "Christians" from my church! It really makes
you question they're sincerity!

Sorry for the vent.....just had to get it all out!

So please remember when you're calling into a business to complain,
it may not be THAT person's fault that you're having trouble. You can
let someone know you're upset without cussing at them!


Chelsa said...

lol- i'm not in "customer service"... but i work in the prosecutor's office, child support division to be exact, and oh dear me, do i get gripped out... pretty much every day!! i know the feeling! it's def. toughened me up quite a bit!

Abbie Lynn said...

Hey Leah:) My email address is atoy@barr.k12.in.us...I would love to hear from you:)!!