Photoshoot, Puppy, and Baptism

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Well we had a fun filled weekend! Saturday I got the chance
to take some pictures for Kallie a friend of mine. We went out
to her parent's farm and got some snap shots of her, her sister,
and their children. It was a blast! You can check out a few pics
on my photography blog:


Saturday night Hunter and I decided to hop on the 4-wheeler and
go visit the puppy. Well Darla told us that she was ready to come
with us if we wanted!!!! So of course we took her home........

Miss Lily

Her VERY happy mother

So stinkin cute!!!!!!!!

Then Sunday, we had my nephew's baptism at the catholic church
in Ferdinand. My sister & bro-in-law selected me as his Godmother!
I was so honored! I am so ready to bring him up with Christian values :)
Pictures yet to come......


dknepp1 said...

that puppy is too cute!

Chelsa said...

the new puppy is adorable!!

Alison Gish said...

cute puppy! and great pics!! you do such a great job!

Leah Robinson said...

Thanks ladies!