What a fun shoot!

With all that was happening with my mom, I forgot to
post pics from a shoot I did last week. We had a lot of
fun! This was for a dear friend of mine, Gina. Gina was
one of the first people to welcome Hunter and myself
to Barr Reeve last year. She is such a sweetie! She has
one of the prettiest families I've seen! Her girls just
melt my heart!! Olivia, her oldest daughter is BFF with
Hunter. They are two pees in a pod!!! Olivia is just
GORGEOUS!!! I could just stare at her all day!!! LOL


Ashley said...

Awwwh I love Gina! Olivia is quite pretty and she's growing up so fast!

Lauren said...

Gina--what a beautiful person. What a photogenic family. Leah, you make photography look easy :D

Wagoners' World said...

I love the pictures! What a beautiful family. Gina and I were college roomates. I love her very much. Thanks for sharing the photos! Nikki