I've been tagged........

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I have been asked to share six random facts about me. I actually was
tagged on a few different blogs LOL So I will kill two birds with one
stone so to speak :)

1. I don't like fruit. Yep, I said it.....I don't like fruit. I don't eat fruit.
Well I only eat one kind of fruit and that's apples (rarely). I didn't
find it odd until I grew up and dr's starting asking me how much fruit
and veggies I eat. I'd always say no fruits but tons of veggies. And I'd
always get a strange look! I've tried every sort of fruit, I just end up
gagging LOL!

2. I know some "mime" tricks LOL I can pretend I'm in a box....and
boy does it really look like I'm trapped in a box. My cousin taught me
this when I was younger. She was actually babysitting trying to
entertain me, and started doing her mime routine, acting like she
was trapped in a box. It was sooooo real looking that I truly thought
she was trapped and ran to call my mom on the phone Ha Ha!
Needless to say I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and made her
teach me! So if you ever want to see me mime, halla! LOL

3. I too, hate rumors, gossip, and being around negative
people. Although I have no regrets about high school and jr. high....
they WERE the worse years of my life. How can your peers make
you feel so horrible, you don't even want to live anymore......well
it's possible. I hope and pray that I can truly help Hunter and Alli
Jo overcome anything while they're growing up. I hope that they
understand most of the people gossiping about you, are just plain
jealous. It goes the same when you grow up as well. You get into a
workplace where you are succeeding better than someone that's
been there longer....and they try to do anything they can to knock
you down. Well, I hope that my girls are never "those" girls.
I hope I raise them better than that!

4. It's no secret I love photography. It is a passion of mine, that I
don't think will ever fade away. The joy I get when I capture that
perfect shot, it gives me chills just thinking about it!

5. I love love love being a mom. Most of you know that I had
Hunter when I was a teen, but most of you may not know that I
PRAYED for "her". Not technically, but God knew what I needed.
I was so down in the dumps, I prayed that SOMETHING would
happen that would change my life forever. At the time I hoped it
would be another guy (different from the one making my life
miserable). But God had bigger plans. He wanted me to grow up
faster than my peers. He gave me a reason to live!

6. Last, but CERTAINLY not least..........I love Jesus Christ with
all my heart. He is my backbone and my strength in my life on this
earth. I cannot WAIT to meet him face to face when I enter
Heaven's Gates!!!

Now, I would like to tag: Jenn Armes, Brenda, and Ali Gish


Chelsa said...

so i hated doing this b/c i thought it was hard to think of 6 "random" facts about myself that didn't just seem totally stupid, BUT i LOVE LOVE LOVE reading other people's. it sort of gives me insight to how others view themselves :)

and i just wanted to say thanks for all the encouraging comments you post on my blog. i'm truly glad we started "talking"... lol

and i can't wait for your party b/c i'm going to know what i'm having and can order his or her NAME!!! i have brycen's on his wall and can't wait to do the nursery!! my mom might come w/ me, or at least send her order w/ me b/c she wants to do her mailbox like mine!

Leah Robinson said...

You're quite welcome! I enjoy our convos! How exciting you will know the sex of the baby by the time of the party! And I loved your mailbox too!

The Gingerich Family said...

Neighbor...I now have some more interesting facts about you. I guess I won't be getting you a Welcome to the Neighborhood Fruit Basket. And next time I see you I am totally going to have you act as a mime. Oh, I can't wait for the fun begin.

P.S. Is the washer and dryer working????

Leah Robinson said...

Yes, I will have to show off my skilz haha! And the washer has a mind of it's own LOL You will just have to ask Joe about it hahaha!!!!!!!!