Parent Teacher Conference, Slumber Party, Busy Weekend

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Only 2 more days until my "Be a Blessing" Contest ends!
Dont' be afraid people! It is a WONDERFUL thing to be third!
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This week has been quite busy. Most of our household has
been sick since this past weekend. I'm feeling much better
than I was, and so is Hunter. Alli Jo is still not herself, but
she is one tough cookie!!!

Wednesday night was my parent teacher conference for
Hunter. I didn't worry much b/c Hunter is such a great
student! And I was right...I didn't need to worry. When
I got there her teacher said "this will be short" LOL She
said there's nothing Hunter needs to improve on, she's
a great student! Wow!!! What mom doesn't want to hear
that!!! I am so darn proud of her! She is always wanting
to learn something new & try harder. Her one flaw, that
sometimes can be a good thing.....is that she is too hard on
herself. She gets so upset if she doesn't get something the
first time! (sort of like her momma)

Last night Hunter went to a fall slumber party. They got
to dress up if they wanted. I was working, so I couldn't
take her to the party....but my mom told me all about it.
Hunter dressed up like Dorothy and may I add, looked
too adorable!!! I guess when they got to the party all the
girls ran out to the van and all of them were in jeans &
sweatshirts (Hunter was in costume). Well Hunter didn't
want to get out of the van she was so embarassed. Well
they opened the door and all the girls were like "wow, you
look so pretty". So they all made Hunter feel good! And they
all wanted to go put their costumes on too! She had a blast!
She now has a blog and posted about it :)

This weekend will be another busy weekend. Tomorrow
morning I have a haircut & color.....I might just go DARK!
I usually go a little darker for the fall/winter. Saturday
afternoon we're heading to the Lark Ranch in Loogootee!
Saturday night a group of us are getting together for some
grub & going to watch Fireproof!!! Sunday I have two
photo sessions! So hopefully all goes as planned, and I fit
sleep in there somewhere! Ha ha


Wagoners' World said...

Jayleigh arrived at the party after Hunter. All the girls ran out in costume, and Jayleigh was in her sweatshirt and jeans. We had to drive past the house, and convince Jayleigh that it would be okay to put her costume on there. How funny:) I think the girls had a blast! I promised them they could stay at our house soon.

Chelsa said...

sounds like you had a busy weekend! hope it was good!!