I'm going to be an aunt again........

Well not "technically" but my BFF and my BGF (Best guy Friend)
Kayla & Craig are expecting their first child in April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm am beyond excited for them! They have been the best friends
anyone could ask for! They are always there for Joe and I, and the
girls! So now it's our turn to spoil their child Hee Hee!!!!!!

Here's a pic from Alli Jo's b-day party this past summer........

Don't let Alli Jo's face fool you.....she loves them both!! I think
she was wanting down to play in Gattiland Ha ha!
CONGRATULATIONS CRAIG & KAYLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jamie said...

Awesome! Make sure you tell them I said congrats! They will be wonderful parents.

Ashlye said...

I work with Kayla's sister Melissa and she came in today and told me! I'm so happy for them and Melissa can't wait until that little one gets here!!!

Kayla said...

Thank you so much Leah!!! We are both so excited!! Floating on cloud nine at all times!!! Patiently awaiting April 14th!!! I'm sure I will have lots of questions between now & then!! Luv ya girl!

dknepp1 said...

Awww....Kayla will be such a great mommy!!