Be a Blessing Contest

I recently visited one of my photography mentor’s blog,
and she had listed a “Be a Blessing Contest”. She had a
wonderful idea to spread the love she had been given,
and give others an opportunity to be a blessing to someone
else. So I asked her if she minded if I would do the same….
and she said of course she didn’t mind.

Throughout the year, I tend to forget how blessed I truly
am. I get caught up in an every-day routine and forget
that WOW, look how much God has blessed me!! I have a
wonderful husband, and two awesome daughters!! We have
a home to live in, clothes to wear, food to eat, and so many
more things we take for granted.

I once read that when we focus on God continually, making
sure to put Him first, the rest will just fall into place. We will
naturally want to serve others and focus less on ourselves.
When we immerse ourselves in His presence, we'll realize
how frivolous our attempts are to constantly satisfy our needs,
and therefore strongly desire to serve Him and our neighbor.
I'll be the first to tell you this isn't easy and I don't always
accomplish it, but I try, and you should to. It’s my desire to
give back to the community, and this is how I will do it………

***If you know of a deserving family that would never book a
photography session with me on their own due to finances or any
other reason, send me an email explaining why you think they
deserve a free sitting fee, all of the digital negatives from their
session, and a 16x20 print of their choice. Here are the official

1. I will take email nominations for two weeks. I must have your
email by midnight on Sunday, October 19th.

2. And like my mentor Kathy, I am also a softy and would end
up shooting several free sessions; I won't be the one who decides
which family is the most deserving. I will have a panel of five
judges that I trust deeply, and they will choose the winner.

3. The family you nominate must live w/in 50 miles of my hometown
(Montgomery, Indiana).

Kathy McCloy, my photog mentor, said she was once told that you
should always live with an "I'm third" outlook on life.
God first, others second, and yourself third.
Now's your chance to be third... so get to typing!!!!!


The Jeffers Clan said...

Leah, we all went to the movies tonight and Tara brought her book along. It was so awesome. You did such a great job. Patrick's mother and sister are wanting one too...how can they get one/how much are they? That was soooo sweet of you. You truly are an amazing person showing God's grace and love. Thank you for doing that.
God Bless,

Chelsa said...

Leah- Such a wonderful idea! It's so awesome to see God working in people's lives!