Hair Cuts

The girls had hair cuts at Amber Jo's the other night.
Hunter was trying so hard to grow hers out....but it
just gets so tangly. So Amber cut & styled it about
to Hunter's shoulders...it looks great!

Alli Jo really didn't need a cut...just a trim on
her bangs! It was her FIRST time getting it cut
though! She did not want to sit still and was
not thrilled LOL! When we left I told her to
tell Amber "thank you". And she said, "Bye
Dr. Amber!" Hahahaha She thought amber was
a dr :)


Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

Your little baby is growing up. Im not ready to cut Ay's hair even though she could prob use a trim on her bangs too! Im so happy that your in the house now! Gets me thinking about our moving day!

Chelsa said...

cute story about alli!!