Another crazy weekend!

What a weekend! I will try to get it all in, but I've
had a horrible migraine since Sunday night...so bare
with me!!!

Well last Thursday I took my sister down to The Walk
to Emmaus. I am so happy she got the chance to go,
and I got to sponsor her! She had an amazing time!!!
I took my walk back in April, and it was the best thing
I've ever done!

Friday night was our first night in the new house. It
wasn't quite ready for us, but we are more than ready
for it LOL!! We all slept on a queen mattress on the
floor....so not exactly the best sleeping that night.

Saturday I went and purchased a king mattress, so Joe and
I could sleep a little more comfortably. I also did a
little shopping and got some things for the house we needed.
Saturday night we had a weenie roast out at his Robinson
g-parents. We had a blast!!!

Sunday was the last day of the Cardinals season, and we had
tickets from our anniversary gift. I'll post a little slideshow
from the game. Those of you that know me, know that I LOVE LOVE
LOVE Albert Pujols....so those are the majority ofthe pictures LOL!!
Joe didn't even mind I took some of Albert stretching haha! Cards
ended up beating Cincinnati, 11-4!!!


Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

WOW! You're a busy girl. Im so excited your in your house. As you may have read, not us. We are kinda stretching it out since we don't have a buyer yet. It will be nice moving finally though. Good luck with everything!

Alison Gish said...

Cute pics Leah!! I just have to rub it in a little, I actually met Albert like 3 summers ago and got a picture with him! He's a very handsome man!!
We didn't get to go to a game this year, hopefully we will get to next year! Congrats on the house!!

Chelsa said...

yayyy for moving in :) hope your migrane goes away :( i get them too and they're terrible.